CHAMELEON Workshop with Viticulturists in Ávila, Spain

On Thursday, July 11th, from 11:30h to 13:30h CEST, data obtained from the Spanish pilot use case with drones will be shared with various viticulturists. These agriculture bundles aim to enhance vineyard management by utilizing drone technology to gather critical information. Specifically, the analysis focuses on the phenological state of the vines, enabling the early identification of potential issues in specific zones or vines. Additionally, the study examines soil peculiarities within the parcels to suggest possible improvements in vineyard management and assesses plant water stress to understand its impact on production.

During the meeting, stakeholders will discuss the potential applications of this data and the best methods for processing it to ensure its utility. The session will also provide a platform for viticulturists to voice their perspectives and identify which types of data collected by drones are most beneficial for their needs.

Know more about the Pilot Use Cases and the Bundles in their respective links.

Starting date:

July 11, 2024