CHAMELEON is a Horizon Europe Project that aims to optimise production and identify potential problems in agriculture, livestock, forestry and rural areas. To achieve this, the CHAMELEON Project use a novel reconfigurable drone, able to modify its configuration and sizing upon demand, which can be deployed in homogeneous or heterogeneous groups to support complex scenarios, as well as a set of existing heterogeneous, modular, interoperable, networked unmanned vehicles systems. The CHAMELEON Consortium consists of 12 partner organisations distributed in 9 European Countries, with a high participation of innovative SMEs (6 in total), 3 universities and 3 end users. CHAMELEON advances will be validated in three pilot use cases in Spain, Greece and Austria. In addition, CHAMELEON will organise two open calls for SMEs to generate AI supported solutions with financial, technical and business mentorship from the project partners.