CHAMELEON Automatic UAV Based Segmentation Approach for Carbon Sequestration and Biomass Estimation in Vineyards, Olive Trees and Almond Crops.

The aim of this module is to develop a system to quantify the CO2 sequestration by plans using LASER scanner systems and determine the ecosystemic service of perennial crops on greenhouse gas emissions.

CHAMELEON UAV in Irrigation and water stress monitoring and management.

A procedure to design and dimensioning precision irrigation systems will be developed by combining high-resolution remote sensing products and irrigation systems products. Novel irrigation systems that integrate different types of emitters (drippers or sprinklers) in the same subunit will be implemented to apply the adequate water volume to each zone of the plot that requires different amount of water.


CHAMELEON UAV-assisted livestock health monitoring.

This module will focus on supporting farmers with dashboards empowered by AI-based prediction and decision support for animal Health and high-quality animal products. In particular, the module will enable animal welfare tracking through health and welfare recording protocols which will be applied using various sensor technologies and digitalised records.


CHAMELEON plant health assessment toolkit.

Areas of stands damaged by pests or diseases occupy large areas of forest. Defining the boundaries of such damaged areas is problematic and determining the possibilities and directions of the spread of outbreaks is difficult. Looking at the tree crowns from above, the damaged tree crowns stand out in colour from the crowns of healthy (undamaged) trees. This makes it possible to single out individual damaged and dead trees or groups of trees in the monitored stands, and even to distinguish the degrees of damage to the stands.

Pest Management:

Selective spraying application for low-risk fertilization and forest health protection.

CHAMELEON framework will support the combination of RPA weed and pest mapping and drone sprayers into an aerial integrated system in order to offer a new alternative and low risk site‐specific pest and weed management.