Second Webinar in MDPI

CHAMELEON and its Sisters Projects ICAERUS and SPADE were presented at MDPI’s Webinar “Drones for Rural Development”.

On October 9th, the CHAMELEON project, along with its sister projects ICAERUS and SPADE, was presented at MDPI’s webinar “Drones for Rural Development”. The talk highlighted the growing use of drones around the world, especially in remote and rural areas. Drones are now utilized for tasks such as surveillance with cameras and transporting goods to remote locations. While many of these applications are closely associated with primary sector activities like agriculture and livestock, their versatility extends to diverse fields and urban settings.

The webinar showcased three big European projects that use drones to help rural areas grow and develop. Drones are helping in farming, watching over forests, checking water quality in rivers, and even assisting in emergencies like fires. They can also be a big help to older people living in these areas. Experts from the industry and universities joined the webinar to share their knowledge and experience with drones. The event welcomed everyone interested in drones, from researchers to everyday users, to learn and discuss the latest in drone tech.

Find more information about CHAMELEON’s Second Webinar in MDPI here.

Starting date:

October 9, 2023