First Webinar in MDPI

CHAMELEON’s latest advancements were featured prominently at a webinar held in April, titled “New Milestones in Drones – from New Drones Designs to Real-Time and Artificial Intelligence Applications”. This online seminar was in collaboration with the prestigious Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI) editorial. The event focused on the rapidly evolving field of drone technology, its design innovations, and the groundbreaking implementation of real-time data processing and artificial intelligence.

The CHAMELEON project’s representation in this high-level discourse further highlighted its commitment to the progressive usage of unmanned aircraft systems. The presentation covered a range of topics, including CHAMELEON’s development of new drone designs and the innovative ways they are harnessing real-time data processing and artificial intelligence. The insights shared during the webinar made a significant contribution to the field’s knowledge base and underscored CHAMELEON’s role as a key player in the advancement of drone technology.

Find more information about CHAMELEON’s First Webinar in MDPI here.

Starting date:

April 25, 2023