CHAMELEON Kick-off meeting

The inaugural event of the CHAMELEON project was held on 12-13 July in Athens, Greece. More than 30 experts from 9 European countries participated in this face-to-face kick-off meeting, which was also streamed online for all partners.

During the first day, the partners introduced themselves, explained their role in the project and their expected innovation. The use cases in Spain, Greece and Austria were shown, identifying the main characteristics of each one, due to their geographical location, orography and socio-economic context.

On the second day, the planning, organisation and management of open calls were discussed. The next steps and actions of the project were also defined.

Over the next 3 years, the 12 project partners will work together to optimise production and identify potential problems in agriculture, livestock and forestry, using drones with on-board AI decision-making packages.

Starting date:

July 12, 2022

Ending date:

July 13, 2022