CHAMELEON's Participation in Expo Biomasa 2023

CHAMELEON made a significant impact at Expo Biomasa 2023, an eminent event focused on bioenergy and sustainability, which took place in Valladolid, Spain, from May 9 to May 11, 2023. The event drew a diverse audience, with exhibitors showcasing the latest breakthroughs in biomass technology and sustainable energy solutions. CHAMELEON’s presence at the event marked a significant contribution to the discourse on innovation and sustainable solutions.

The exhibition offered CHAMELEON a unique platform to present their pioneering research initiatives and to explore synergistic relationships with other innovative ventures. The consortium seized this opportunity to demonstrate their advancements in research and technology, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and shared learning in driving sustainable innovation. Their presence at the exhibition helped to foster a vibrant dialogue about the future of bioenergy and the broader role of innovation in addressing environmental challenges.

Find more information about Expo Biomasa 2023 on their website.

Starting date:

May 9, 2023

Ending date:

May 11, 2023