Interviews: KARVOUNIS, Alex (SQD)


Project Manager at SQUAREDEV (SQD)

What is your role in CHAMELEON?

Squaredev is responsible for the creation of the Agricultural Decision Support System (ADSS). The goal is to provide a User Interface for the end-users to access and visualize the information that will be the outcome of different bundles and services developed under CHAMELEON.

How does your expertise contribute to the overarching goals of the CHAMELEON project?

The ADSS is a very important component of the CHAMELEON project. Through our experience with the latest technologies used in web development as well as our expertise in the AI field, we can make sure that the AI bundles and services are visualized in a manner that is intuitive and that provides insights for the end-user. Our extensive expertise in Software Development and AI will thus be of great value to all the development steps and tasks, from the architecture and the AI bundles to the ADSS.

What are the main advantages CHAMELEON will bring to European citizens?

During CHAMELEON, many innovative technologies are combined to provide the end users with tools and services that will enhance their everyday life. Utilizing mainly UAVs as well as other sensors, the end user will be supplied with a plethora of bundles and services tailored and customized to their needs and their specific use case scenario. The insights that are derived through AI algorithms will provide information to the end user that enhances their decision-making and improves the results of their labour.

How will the introduction of CHAMELEON impact the daily operations of rural workers?

The introduction of CHAMELEON in the daily operations of rural workers is planned to be transformative and at the same time intuitive, almost in a game-like manner. With the results of the bundles and the insights that are derived from their execution, the end-user can take decisions that are based more on data and therefore manage their resources in a much more efficient manner, being able to act at least one step ahead than without using the technologies developed under CHAMELEON.

How is CHAMELEON designed to be user-friendly for those less familiar with technology in rural settings?

CHAMELON is designed with a participatory design in mind, having the user at the centre of the design. The visualization of the bundles is going to be presented in a game-like manner, with a clean and intuitive User Interface, adhering to User Interface and User Experience best practices. This way, those less familiar with technology too will be empowered by all the capabilities CHAMELEON has to offer.