Interviews: ALMPERTOS, Markakis (ADR)

Mr. ALMPERTOS, Markakis

Co-Founder and General Manager of Adrestia (ADR)

What is your role in CHAMELEON?

Adrestia’s role in CHAMELEON is to design a comprehensive architecture for the CHAMELEON platform that enables the stakeholders to achieve their goals throughout the use cases of the project. Moreover, Adrestia is responsible for the creation of the CHAMELEON store and its matchmaking functions. The store will act as a “marketplace for the bundles” in order for stakeholders to choose, or upload, software bundles to the UAV devices. In addition, the store will provide “matchmaking” functionality, which will act as a bundle recommendation system for the end-user based on their previous bundle preferences. Finally, Adrestia will implement part of the service orchestration service (Plug and Play Platform) that will run on-premises.

How does your expertise contribute to the overarching goals of the CHAMELEON project?

Our expertise in architecture design can help the CHAMELEON platform be built so that the data sent from its various components is properly distributed along.

What are the main advantages CHAMELEON will bring to European citizens?

CHAMELEON will provide livestock associations, agriculture, and forest owners the ability to use modern technology, such as the UAVs, to monitor, prevent, and/or mitigate from harmful situations, according to each use case.

How will the introduction of CHAMELEON impact the daily operations of rural workers?

Rural workers are aided by the functionalities of the CHAMELEON platform by monitoring their properties and catch up with according harmful situations that may economically, and subsequently mentally, damage them.

How is CHAMELEON designed to be user-friendly for those less familiar with technology in rural settings?

CHAMELEON’s main user interface, in which the CHAMELEON Store will be integrated in, aims to provide a user friendly experience for the end user regardless of the end-user’s technological knowledge.